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FAQs - Buying on Lay-By with SA Scooter Shop

At SA Scooter Shop we realize the need to offer clients this buying option!

Paying by lay-by is affordable, easy, and best of all, it's interest free!


What is a lay-by agreement?

A ‘lay-by’ agreement is 'paying off' a purchase before you receive it. In many parts of the world this type fo purchase is very popular. If you buy goods  ‘on lay-by’, the SA Scooter Shop will keep those goods for you for up to twelve months while you pay off the price in installments. Once you have paid the price in full,  we will deliver the order directly to your door.

How do I buy on lay-by from SA Scooter Shop?

You can do everything online. Select the goods you want, decide on the term you want to lay-by the goods, accept the lay-by agreement.  Your installments will then be deducted by from your bank account.  Once you paid the full price, you can collect your goods or it can be delivered to you for free.

How many months can I choose?

You have 2 options: a layby to Xmas or a 3 month layby. We end all our laybys in December for Xmas. They then restart again in January. 
So if you start a layby in January, you can choose to take it for maximum 11 months. 
you can start you layby at any time and select 3 months

What are the advantages of entering into a lay-by agreement?

The advantage of buying goods on lay-by is that SA Scooter Shop will not charge interest on the price of the goods. We don't charge you for storing the goods while you pay off the price and it cannot increase the price of the goods.

How old must I be before entering into a lay-by agreement?

You must be 18 years old to enter into and sign a lay-by agreement. If you are under 18 years old, a parent or legal guardian can help you by signing the agreement on your behalf or by being present when you sign the agreement but you will still be responsible for making payments under the agreement.

Will I have to pay a deposit?

No deposit is required

Must the lay-by agreement be in writing?

No,it can all be done online when you checkout. Call us if you are stuck. Simply order online, select the Layby payment button, follow the steps and add your card details. The payments will be monthly directly off your card

Must the agreement say how much I will have to pay for each installment?

Yes, the agreement email will show much you have to pay for each installment or how often you have to pay the installments or the dates when the installments must be paid.

What happens if I make a late payment?

If you make a payment late, we have the right to cancel the agreement. If an arrangement is made to catch up within 30 days we may keep the lay-by open.
  • R400 admin termination charge, plus 1% cancellation fee

What happens if I lose my job and are unable to keep up with my installment payments?

We do have cancellation fees in place that will cover admin and restocking fees.
  • R400 admin termination charge, plus 1% cancellation fee

Will the price of the goods escalate during the agreement?

We will not increase the price of the good during the agreement. When you enter the Layby agreement, the price is fixed.

What happens if the goods have been lost or damaged and  SA Scooter Shop is unable to give them to me after I have paid all my installments?

If we, for reasons are unable to give you the goods you bought, (for example if the goods were damaged in a fire or supplier is out of stock) you will have an option. Either you can ask for a refund of all the money you have paid or an upgraded product based on your approval.
 View the Lay-By Terms & Conditions

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