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About SA Scooter Shop

At SA Scooter Shop, we make it our policy to only sell electric scooters that offer the best value. We continually test the products that are on the market, choosing the most reliable, the highest quality, and the most fun scooters available.

We don't sell scooters that have poor track records for performance. If it's going to break down and give you a hassle, we won't sell it as we don't want the hassle either! So you can assured that buying a scooter from us is quality, no matter which brand you choose.

Excellent Customer Service

Every customer must be a happy customer: pleased with our range, ready to recommend us to a friend, and the go-to shop for their next purchase.

We promise that we won't leave you hanging, wondering where your order is, or how to locate parts or repairs. Your satisfaction is vital to our success, and we work hard to earn it!


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All scooters are not street legal. They are built for recreation purposes only and are not meant as a mode of transport.

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