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Become An Electric Scooter Dealer

1. What is a Dealer?

A dealer is a person or company that buys directly from us and then resells at his or her store front. A dealer can also sell to other store fronts, other companies, or to anyone or any company that wants to buy from them. Dealers can sell scooters anywhere they like including the internet, their store front retail operation and at trade shows.

2. What are the requirements to purchase?

We require a minimum order of 5 scooters per order unless you are an online seller and sign up for our drop shipping affiliate program, then we will ship each scooter directly to your customer as you send the orders to us daily. 

If you are interested in becoming a dealer you should email us today by filling out our form below. We will then email you out a dealer info package that will include all price breaks and terms. We do not sell single scooters unless we are selling samples or drop shipping.

3. Warranties and repairs

We warranty everything we sell to you or your customer, but you as a dealer would need to handle the repair and deal directly with your customer. All parts that are needed to effect the repair will supplied by us.

4. Can you dropship scooters for my online business directly to my customers?

We specialise in dropshipping scooters. If you have an online business (website) even if it is non-scooter related, and you would like to offer our scooters and have us ship the items directly to your customer without you ever touching the item, fill out the form below & we will then e-mail you back our dealer information and help get your business signed up quickly.

We accept most all online businesses into our drop shipping program. If you sell online, your business will likely easily qualify for our online dealer drop ship program. Once you're on our dealer list, you will receive regular updates from us by e-mail that will include upcoming new products, inventory outlooks & any other important information you need to know. We send these out about once each month.
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All scooters are not street legal. They are built for recreation purposes only and are not meant as a mode of transport.

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