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12V 12AH Battery (BAT466)

12V 12AH Battery (BAT466)

Specs:  12V 12AH

12V 12AH battery

Price: R 450.00
Compatible with:

  EVO 800 Watt Uber electric scooter
  Cruza XR500 - with removable seat
  Go Skitz ATV300 electric Quad
  Cruza XR500 KTM Orange, removable seat
  Cruza XR500 Shocking Pink, removable seat
  Cruza XR500 Kawasaki Green, removable seat
  Cruza XR500 Radical Red, removable seat
  Cruza XR800 Radical Red, removable seat
  2019 1000W Sport EVO UBER scooter Green
  Cruza XR800 Shocking Pink, removable seat
  Cruza XR800 Kawasaki Green, removable seat
  Cruza XR800 KTM Orange, removable seat
  2016 Evo Citi 800W Uber HUB MOTOR Scooter
  24V Rad Quad bike
  2018 model 1000W Sport UBER scooter -white
  2018 1000 Watt sport UBER scooter Black
  Uber scoot 1600 Watt 48V electric scooter
  12V Ford Ranger F150 - real rubber tyres-Licensed
  NEW 2017 Uber 800 watt powerboard scooter-white
  2016 Model- EVO 800 UberScooter -Green
  2016 Model- EVO 800 UberScooter -Black
  2016 12V Ford Rangers Blue real rubber tyres-Licensed
  2017 Uber 1200W 48V HUB motor electric Scooter -Black
  12V Ford Ranger F150 White -real rubber tyres-Licensed
  24V Ford Ranger F650 (Black) ride on car, 4 Wheel drive and Rubber tyres
  12V Ford Ranger kids ride on car- Plastic wheels-Licensed
  24V Ford Ranger F650 (White) ride on car, 4 Wheel drive and Rubber tyres
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