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Warranties & Repairs


The importance and value of earnest, timely and expert customer service by a reputable dealer should never be underestimated. SA Scooter Shop has earned a reputation with both its customers and with product manufacturers for outstanding customer service. We answer your emails within 24hours, provide our own expert support and ensure that you receive the highest level of support from the product manufacturer. We immediately go to bat for you if you ever run into any difficulty with obtaining what you need from the manufacturer, be it warranty support or simply getting an answer to a technical question. We follow-up to ensure that warranty parts are shipped to you in an expedited manner. You are in the safest of hands when you purchase a product from SA Scooter Shop.

If you have a technical question, log a support ticket http://www.sascootershop.co.za/electric-scooter-repairs.php


Read the battery care and warnings information before your purchase - click here

No manufacturer will honour warranties for products that have been misused, so please operate your vehicle in a manner that is in keeping with the capabilities for which it was designed.

None of our products are manufactured for off-road, MX, racing or trick riding. This will be regarded as misuse, although these can be fixed, they will NOT be covered by our warranty.

From time to time maintenance is needed o be performed by the owner. This includes checking for loose connections, loose bolts and nuts, lubing the chain, setting the brakes, setting chain, tightening the headset bearings etc. This are some (but not all) of the maintenance required to be done by the owner to get long and enjoyable use from their scooter.

Charge your batteries after each ride and NEVER let the batteries run completely flat - Do not push-ride the scooter if the battery power is diminishing, as this will cause an overload in the controller, which is not covered by warranty.

As the batteries lifespan is dependent on the user and charging intervals, Batteries are only covered for 90 days .

Defects resulting from misuse,abuse or negligence will void any warranty.

Always wear safety gear (Helmets) when riding any of our scooters, Go boards and cars.

Never leave any of the products charging overnight. They should always be in plain site when charging and do not charge while unattended.

Although we pride ourselves with strict quality control, some factors are beyond out control so warnings and safe use should always be followed.

There has been press about the  Goboard/Hoverboard/Self Balancing scooter from various suppliers catching alight recently in the UK. The full details are below. Please note this and make sure that you adhere to all the warnings and operating instructions.

Although we have done all in our power to ensure that we bring you the best quality, we are not responsible for any harm or damage caused.

See here:http://www.sciencetimes.com/articles/7865/20151208/hoverboard-warning-brigade.htm


As the batteries lifespan is dependent on the user and charging intervals, Batteries are only covered for 90 days . These are guidelines that one should follow:

We do not guarantee the batteries for longer than 3 months. For the first charge, batteries should be charged for a period of 8-12 hours.

From there onwards, batteries should be recharged for a period of 8 hours minimum - leaving the charger plugged in to the scooter will not cause any damage to the batteries, although the charger is at risk of being damaged due to a power surge.

If not being used, the batteries must be charged frequently (at least once a month) and not left standing empty for lengthy periods of time. If left uncharged for a lengthy period the battery will no longer produce the necessary charge needed to run the product efficiently.

Charge your batteries after each ride and NEVER let the batteries run completely flat - Do not push-ride the scooter if the battery power is diminishing, as this will cause an overload in the controller, which is not covered by warranty.

for more info visit: http://www.sascootershop.co.za/how-to-care-for-your-scooter-batteries.php


What is not covered?:
Tyres, tubes, batteries, brake pads & kick stands: These items are NOT covered unless they are damaged as a result of shipping.
This warranty does not apply to damage to the vehicle brought on by improper use. Racing, off road riding, MX riding and accidents or competitive use shall void this warranty.
Normal operating conditions require routine care and maintenance by the purchaser.
Proper use means the vehicle is to be used only in the manner intended for personal transportation of a single rider with proper safety equipment as described in the owner's manual. Electric scooters are intended for use only on safe, dry, smoothly paved or hard packed surfaces in accordance with local regulations, during daylight hours.
This warranty covers factory defects and defaults only. We do not cover misuse or broken parts caused by the user or by any other event.
As the batteries lifespan is dependent on the user and charging intervals. We do not guarantee the batteries for longer than 3 months.

When is it covered?:
The warranty starts the day the scooter is dispatched.

If there is no workshop conveniently close to the user. SA Scooter shop will replace any defective part free of charge and free of shipping charge to the end user of the scooter.


We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If you find that you need to return an item, please review the complete details of our Returns Policy below to determine if any special return conditions apply.

Our products carry a 6 month manufacturers carry-in warranty. Products which are not operating properly must be returned to us, repaired in our service centre and collected.

Log a support ticket http://www.sascootershop.co.za/electric-scooter-repairs.php.

The following are not covered by warranty: racing, off road use, commercial use, water damage, punctures, accident damage, trick riding and general negligent mis-use.

Please make sure you include your charger with the scooter.

The following is needed for a warranty claim:
Proof of purchase

Scooter VIN number (click here to book your scooter in for a service) If the proof of purchase is not available, it will at our discretion as to whether the warranty will be honoured.

As we are a retail site, the warranties offered are honoured by the importers and agents of the products we sell, and may differ from supplier to supplier.


You are welcome to bring your scooter in and we will repair it as soon as possible.

Charges as follows:

Labour is charged at R350 per hour for Scooters and kids cars. (*R1800 flat fee for Hoverboard repairs) Generally, most repairs are completed in an hour.

Log a support tickethttp://www.sascootershop.co.za/electric-scooter-repairs.php


Log a support ticket http://www.sascootershop.co.za/electric-scooter-repairs.php


The manufacturer is not liable for incidental or consequential loss or damage due directly or indirectly to the use of this product. Please ensure that you retain your receipt as proof of purchase. You will not qualify for your warranty should you not have it.

Please note that your warranty will not be covered if you ride through any gravel, mud, water, sand or on any off-road surface. The electrical and drive components could be damaged by riding through the aforementioned elements or surfaces.

Log a support ticket�http://www.sascootershop.co.za/electric-scooter-repairs.php


Spares are readily available. Simply place an order for the respective spare you need and we will deliver it to your door within 3-5 days.

When you receive the order confirmation , you will have a Youtube link showing how to replace the spare part ... as easy as that 


Nevertheless, any customer who receives an SA Scooter Shop product whom is not satisfied should log a support ticket immediately. If the manufacturer's techs cannot get the problem resolved to the customer�s satisfaction the customer can return the scooter to at their own expense for a refund. There are a few terms and conditions for a full credit see below.

Log a support ticket http://www.sascootershop.co.za/electric-scooter-repairs.php

Merchandise must be received in 100% new, saleable condition. Merchandise is not eligible for refund if it has been� worn, used, abused, damaged in any way. Merchandise must arrive complete (including warranty cards, manuals, accessories, promotional items, etc.) and in the original packaging.

Customer must�return shipment of the merchandise within 15 days of the purchase date.


Re-pack the merchandise securely in its original packaging, include the original contents of the box; warranty cards, Manuals, accessories, promotional items, etc.

  • Include a copy of your invoice.
  • Include a copy of the reference number you have received from us via our support department help desk.
  • Freight collect and COD packages will not be accepted.
  • At the discretion of SA Scooter Shop, returns which do not follow the above guidelines may be refused..

Customer is responsible for returning merchandise at their own expense.

Log a support ticket http://www.sascootershop.co.za/electric-scooter-repairs.php

Once merchandise has been accepted for refund, credit will be applied to the account through which payment was originally made.

In summary, the amount of your refund under the 15 day return policy would be your original payment less the actual cost of shipping the product to you and less a 6% credit card processing fee.


If a signature is required, please inspect your package carefully before signing for it. If after accepting the package you determine that there are damaged or defective parts, please contact SA Scooter Shop to provide details about the damaged order.

Log a support ticket for a quick response.


Please note that our offices are closed during weekends and school holidays. We are closed over the Xmas holidays

SA SCOOTER SHOP may, in its sole discretion, change these terms or any part thereof at any time without notice.


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