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Xmas Layby Terms and conditions

Xmas Layby Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Xmas layby?

  • A 'layby' is 'paying off' a purchase before you receive it.
  • Last month payment is 1 November
  • Payment method is monthly debit order
  • It is interest-free!
  • We deliver after the last instalment shortly after the 1 November.

How do I buy on layby from SA Scooter Shop?

  • Checkout the normal way and select 'Pay by Layby' payment method.
  • A member of our sales team will contact you to set up the deposit and debit order.
  • Once you have paid the full price over your layby period, (last payment is on 1 November), you can collect your products or it can be delivered to you.

How many months can I choose?

  • This is a Xmas layby, your last payment date is 1 November.
  • If your order is in January, number of months will be 10 months (payments)
  •  Payments for the example will be: Feb, March, April, May, June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov

How much do I pay?

  • Your layby payment is purchase price divided by number of months.
  • eg. If your order is R1999, and layby period is 10 months. The payment will be R199 per month (ending on 1 November)

When do I get the delivery?

  • 5-7 days after final payment has cleared.
  • Final payment debit order runs on 1 November.

What are the advantages of entering into a lay-by agreement?

  • Easy payments for the best Xmas present ever!
  • The advantage of buying goods on lay-by is that SA Scooter Shop will not charge interest on your lay-by.
  • If the price of the products change while you're paying off your lay-by, you still pay the old price!

Will I have to pay a deposit?

  • No, but the first instalment is due immediately to start your layby.

If I miss a payment will you still keep my order?

    • If you miss a payment we cannot guarantee that we will have stock for you when your layby matures, but we will assist you with an alternative product
    • For all missed or late payments a R120 admin fee will be charged on the next instalment.
    • After 2 consecutive instalments are missed, your layby will be immediately be cancelled, with cancellation costs. (R400 termination fee is charged.)

What happens if I miss a payment?

  • If the debit/card order fails or is unpaid, there is an admin charge of R120.
  • This is added to your next month debit order.
  • Your layby period will not change and the remaining outstanding payment will be divided by the number of months left to calculate the new instalment.
  • To terminate the debit/card order, written confirmation is needed by email 30 days in advance, and a R400 termination fee is charged.

Must I pay by debit order?

Yes, our layby payment system is automated the debit order is automatically captured to your account against your order.

Can I pay by EFT?

No, we do not accept EFT or bank deposit payment for layby orders.

How do I cancel my layby?

  • We do have cancellation fees in place that will cover admin and restocking fees: R400 admin debit order termination charge, plus 1% layby cancellation fee
  • If you would like to extend the length of your layby, please contact us (0861467772).

Will the price of the goods escalate during the agreement?

  • We will not increase the price of the good during the agreement.
  • When you enter the lay-by agreement, the price is fixed.

I have a promo code and voucher can I use it on my past layby?

  • You cannot back date any promo codes or vouchers to old layby orders.
  • They can only be used on new orders.

Will the price of the goods change during the agreement?

  • Your order pricing in your layby agreement is fixed.
  • If the products' pricing increases due to the exchange rate fluctuations, or possibly decrease for a short sale or special we run, your price in your layby agreement will not change.

Can we extend our layby?

All laybys are based on a calendar year (Jan - Nov)  and ends 1 November.

If any payments are received after 1 November, we cannot guarantee that you will receive your order before Xmas.

Is there any penalties if I miss a payment?

Yes, a R120 admin fee will be charged on your next instalment for all late or failed payments.

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