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The way you operate or function in your day-to-day life can change drastically when you have a disability or any type of mobility issue. It can create a deep sense of frustration within you and leave you feeling discouraged. Maybe uncomfortable even in spaces as familiar as your very own home.

The truth is your home can quickly become a challenging place full of obstacles. Stairs, bathrooms, the kitchen, and certain surfaces may suddenly become hazardous. Tasks and duties around the house may not be as simple as they were before and it may become too overwhelming to even try to adapt.

Thankfully, several solutions and products exist to make your home life feel as normal and independent as ever. In fact, re-equipping your home appropriately can ensure your safety, create comfort, and enable you or your loved one to continue living autonomously.

29 Aids To Transform Your Home Into A Self-Supporting Space

Below, we have explored products that you can use in and around your home to transform it into an inclusive and self-supporting space.


The bedroom is a place that you could potentially spend long periods confined to depending on your condition or disability, these aids will help to make life as independent and comfortable as possible.

  1. Over Bed Self Help Poles - A free standing pull up bar which will help you change position or assist you to sit up independently before getting out of bed.
  2. Bed Rails - Can be positioned anywhere alongside the bed as needed. Provides support and stability, especially for getting in and out of bed.
  3. Slide Sheets - Designed to assist you when transferring from your bed into a chair or a wheelchair.
  4. Over Bed Tables - They serve as a surface for food trays, and can hold personal items such as phones, computers or books.


  1. Perching Stools - These allow for “quick sits” reducing the strain from either standing for too long or from getting up and down from a fully seated position.
  2. Kettle Tippers - Made of wire or plastic they help you pour from the kettle with minimum strain.
  3. Kitchen Trollies - Used for easy transportation of food and drink. Ideal item to make use of if you have reduced strength or mobility.
  4. Spread Board -  Allows you to apply spread with the use of just one hand.
  5. Anchor Pads - This can be used in a variety of circumstances where a secure grip is required. They can be used as a table mat when dining, a floor mat or on kitchen counters.


One of the most essential rooms in the home, however, it also can be one of the most dangerous, especially for the elderly or people with a disability. The following aids will make the bathroom a safer and much more accessible space.

  1. Bath Lifts -  Are designed to comfortably and safely transfer you in and out of the bath, and to sit on while bathing.
  2. Shower Chairs & Stools - This allows you to sit comfortably in the shower without the risk of slipping.
  3. Bath Seats - Are specifically designed to make transitioning into the bath much easier.
  4. Bath or Shower Mats - Provides a non-slip surface, for a safer grip in the bath or shower.
  5. Bathing Lifting Cushion - Operated by hand control, a series of cushions are inflated allowing you to gradually lower or raise yourself in and out of the bathtub.


If you are unable to make your way to the toilet, these aids can help make the process more manageable and safer. These are useful to assist with a range of strength and mobility issues and help to overcome any height or accessibility problems.

  1. Raised Toilet Seats - To assist you to get on and off the toilet with ease.
  2. Grab Rails - Grab rails can be fitted to the wall or the actual toilet frame to assist with mobility.
  3. Over Toilet Aids - These raise the height of the toilet seat and provide armrests for you to push up from when rising. Some models can be adjusted for height.
  4. Urinals and Bedpans - Suitable if you suffer from incontinence or other bladder related issues or are limited by your mobility to go to the toilet.
  5. Commode - A free-standing toilet chair, beneficial if you struggle with mobility.

Mobility Aids

We know that socialisation is vital not only for your emotional health but also for your physical. Mobility aids such as these can help you navigate your world more easily and independently. Getting you to increase your mobility and take part in everyday activities and gatherings.

  1. Home Lift - Enables easy and self-reliant access to the other floors of your home with just a press of a button. If you are  living in a multi-level home  and a wheelchair user or struggle with stairs, home-lifts will make your home more accessible.
  2. Electric Wheelchair - Works well if you wish to remain mobile inside your home and your surrounding area.
  3. Mobility Scooter - This allows you to move around freely, over different types of terrain unaided. Ideal, if you are unable to walk long distances ore get tired easily. Mobility scooters are also great to assist with shopping and running quick errands around the neighborhood.  

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  1. Portable Ramps -  An absolute necessity if you make use of a mobility scooter or electric wheelchair, as they offer a convenient mode of accessibility into your car, home, or over uneven surfaces.
  2. Stair Lift - Essentially a chair on a rail, that glides you up your stairs, safely and without assistance. Ideal if you are using a walker or any other type of assistive walking device.
  3. Rolling Walker - Perfect if you could use a little help with balance or endurance, gives you stability for more confidence, making it easier and safer for you to walk.


Cleaning and tidying your home can be difficult if you are living with reduced mobility or long-term health conditions, which can lead to frustration. These household aids will help provide you with a sense of independence allowing you to carry on doing daily tasks.

  1. Cordless vacuum - A lightweight and easy to manage product, allowing you to clean multiple places including those hard-to-reach spots without getting tangled up.
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  1. Grabber Tool - This tool is very helpful for picking up items off the floor so you don’t have to bend over.
  2. Retractable Microfiber Dusters - These help you reach tall shelves or blinds and the microfiber is great at trapping dust.
  3. Rolling Laundry Cart - If you struggle with chronic pain and fatigue, a rolling laundry basket can save you energy, and be used to carry any number of items around your home.

Build A More Accessible Home

It’s clear, there are many devices and products available on the market that you can equip yourself with to live life confidently. And as suppliers of mobility vehicles, we want to help you transition to a more independent way of living if your mobility has been affected in any way. 

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