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Summer is alive and it has arrived here in Cape Town and what better way to enjoy this gorgeous and most definitely welcomed weather than getting out and about! Whether you use a wheelchair or any other mobility device, getting out can still be great fun.

Spending time outdoors can be invigorating and a it’s a wonderful way to reconnect with oneself. Smelling that fresh air, the breeze on your skin and basking in the sun, can do wonders for you, especially if your mobility is limited.

The Benefits Of Getting Outdoors

We all know that there are many physical benefits we can gain from spending time outside, like:

  • Decreased stress levels
  • Feeling better about yourself
  • Better sleep

But, research shows that it is just as beneficial for our mental health as well. This is encouraging.

  • Reduce stress - Just 20 to 30 minutes spent outdoors can significantly reduce cortisol levels and lower your stress levels.
  • Sunshine vitamin - Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones and a strong immune system, but can also help fight depression and anxiety. Spending time in nature does not only reduce the risk of depression, but also mitigates the symptoms.

We are so fortunate here in Cape Town, to have a number of accessible walking trails and parks with amazing views. So we’ve compiled a list of our favourite mobility vehicle friendly routes for you to add to your 2021 weekend bucket list. Let’s explore. 

8 Scenic Routes That Accommodates Mobility Scooters & Electric Wheelchairs in Cape Town

1. Green Point Urban Park

The park offers scenic views of the wetlands, the ocean, the mountain as well as a biodiversity garden. There are a series of connected pathways throughout the park which are suitable for walking and mobility vehicles. Bring a picnic basket and enjoy your lunch in this beautiful setting. Seating is also provided all around the park.

2. Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

With an abundance of lush greenery, it’s not surprising that Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens is known as one of the great botanic gardens of the world. Here you’ll find that the pathways are all connected within the gardens. The elevation changes throughout the gardens and some pathways are steep, but others, relatively flat. Electric wheelchairs or mobility scooters can manage the climbs, but manual wheelchair users might struggle.

The Boomslang Canopy Bridge, probably the most popular attraction, intertwines through a tree canopy and reaches out high over a valley within the park. The views are absolutely incredible and the bridge is wheelchair accessible.

3. Table Mountain

Undoubtedly one of the best spots to experience spectacular and unbridled views of Cape Town. It’s advisable to make prior arrangements with management to park closer to the entrance if you have limited mobility. You can then access the cableway by using the lift that takes you to the ground floor level for the departure and arrival of the cable car. The cableway takes you to the summit in under 5 minutes and the cable car's rotating floor ensures that you get a 360-degree panoramic view of the Mother City.

At the top of the mountain, you’ll find a series of circular, chip stone and concrete routes which are all mobility vehicle-friendly. The shop, restaurant and restrooms all have ramped access.

4. Signal Hill

The perfect place for taking in amazing views of Table Mountain as well as Lion’s Head and even Robben Island, and quite popular to watch Cape Town’s breathtaking sunsets. At the top, you’ll find accessible restrooms and paths that are wheelchair-accessible.

5. Cape Point Nature Reserve

Cape Point Nature Reserve is an area of vast natural beauty, with dramatic scenery of deserted beaches and spectacular ocean views. The highlight here, without a doubt, is the Flying Dutchman Funicular, a cable-pulled railway car that will take you all the way up the steep slope to the scenic lookout point. The views from the top station are exquisite. The pathways all around are mobility vehicle-friendly and accessible.

6. Slangkop Point Lighthouse

Enjoy an easy stroll along the timber boardwalk to the lighthouse. Gorgeous views on either side as it twines its way along the pebbly ocean shore, waves crashing down just metres away. There are some spots, where it could get quite narrow and the wood’s resistance might make the ride a bit more challenging.

7. Boulders Penguin Colony

What a way to spend your time hanging out with penguins, right? A wheelchair-friendly boardwalk will lead you directly to the penguin colony beach, where you can get up close to them. There is also ramped access into the information centre, as well as the restrooms. The pathway can get quite steep in places, so you may require assistance if you are using a mobility vehicle.

8. Silvermine Dam

With views of False Bay across the dam the Amphitheatre path takes you on a 650m walkway, part wooden boardwalk, part finely gravelled, and concrete over the dam wall. The boardwalk ramp from the car park to the walkway has been revamped to make the slope less steep and easier for mobility vehicle access.

Be Ready for the Great Out Doors

These walks and trails vary in levels of accessibility so make sure you have a ride that can keep up and of course keep you safe at all times.

Check out our Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters here. The best mobility scooters for the outdoors usually come with suspension features, lighting options, and ground clearance for rugged terrain. So a 4x4 mobility scooter would be another great choice. Visit our online shop for more 4 wheel mobility scooters.

Have Anything To Add?

Do you know of any other accessible trails around Cape Town? We'd love to hear from you, tell us all about your recommendations in the comments below.

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