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Mobility scooters provide independence and emotional well-being to both the elderly as well as the young. These feelings were unanimous among mobility scooter users who participated in a recent survey.

The collaborative study, organised in Australia by public and private enterprise, sought a better understanding of mobility scooter users' demographics and patterns of use.

4 Reasons Why Users Loved Their Mobility Scooters

1. Helps Users To Feel More Self-Sufficient

Given that physical impairment is a key trigger in becoming a scooter user, the survey found that a critical benefit of use is maintaining independence for shopping, social activities, services and / or work.

2. Promotes Independent Living

Many mobility scooter users regarded their scooter as a lifeline for independent living, providing freedom from a life that would have been house-bound and dependent upon family, friends and carers.

3. Assist To Accommodate Users Lifestyle, When They Cannot Rely On Their Physical Strength Any Longer

Responses to the survey also showed that mobility scooter users are not all elderly, with over 51% under 60 years of age. Mobility scooter users interviewed highly valued the independence their scooter gave them and did not generally replace a car with a scooter but rather used a scooter to 'replace' their legs when no longer able to walk long distances.

4. Works Well On Multiple Terrains

The survey also found that a surprisingly large portion of mobility scooter users lived in rural areas, and that most generally felt safe on their scooter. About 95% of trips on a mobility scooter involved no injury or damage of any kind, and mobility scooters were regarded as a lifeline to independence and emotional well-being, with users taking about six trips per week outside the perimeter or fence of their homes.

Use Cases On How Mobility Scooters Improve Users Quality Of Life

The survey also found that the decision to start using a motorised mobility scooter did not typically result from a medical professional's recommendation: only one in four users reported acquiring a mobility scooter following such a recommendation.

Some of the comments contained in the survey were:

  • "My husband transports the scooter to my destination, church, shopping centre etc. and I travel from there"
  • "The scooter is a supplement to driving, but when this is not possible, a scooter will be very important to retain some level of independence"; and
  • "I live in a retirement village, and my unit is some distance from my garage. I find the scooter very useful for transporting the shopping from the garage."

What Is Your Favourite Feature Of Your Mobility Scooter?

At SA Scooters, we know that losing your independence can leave you feeling vulnerable and emotionally disjointed. We might not have all the answers, but we know that being mobile does wonders for your confidence.

We'd love to hear from you! What is your favourite feature of your mobility scooter, and how does it make you feel? Pop us a line in the comments and tell us how mobility scooters contributed to your independence. 



    • “Mobility scooter usage and safety survey report “- a collaborative project involving the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, NRMA Motoring & Services, CHOICE, EnableNSW and Flinders University, Adelaide.
    • Image by TheOtherKev from Pixabay

    by Jan de Beer /

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