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 When you invest in a ride on car for your child, you are not only giving the youngster a fun toy but also an instrument that can teach life skills that stretch far beyond just hand-eye coordination.

Even the youngest user of kids’ drive on cars inevitably acquire basic navigation skills, become aware of their surroundings, and learn how to control the steering wheel to avoid home collisions. Short drives on a ride on car can instil a sense of space to the driver – and that’s valuable training for adult motoring. What’s more, the young driver of the ride on electric car tends to be proud every time his or her driving expertise avoids near-misses. So, sub-consciously, every outing on a kids’ ride on car can help boost independence at an early age.

In a world where computer games and electronic gadgets just about imprison children indoors, kids’ ride on cars can help provide fresh air and exposure to healthy sunlight and take the young ones to fantasy dream worlds in which they create their own adventures. Strategically-placed empty paint cans become twisting obstacle paths to steer the ride on car through, and gates with shrinking access gaps test the drivers’ ability to guide their ride on car through. Constantly raising the bar for personal achievement helps build character and these battery operated cars are subtle aids for self-esteem.  

The fact that their ride on cars are quiet and emit no toxic fumes can also make your children more environmentally conscious. A recent study by Peugeot showed that over half of the children surveyed are urging their parents to be more eco-conscious with over two-thirds believing electric and hybrid vehicles were needed by the planet – and that Dad should switch to an electric powered car as soon as these become available. A big unit with space to carry a kids’ ride on car to exciting terrains would be just dandy, no doubt.

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