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ride on cars buying Guide

Kids’ ride on cars range from single-seater start-up cars to large two-seater, licenced cars. Ages, skills needed, safety, power and many other factors come into play when choosing the right ride on car for your child.

As a leading supplier of Kids Ride on Cars in South Africa, we put together a compressive guide to help you select the most suitable ride on car for your child. 

Buying Guide For Kids Ride On Electric Cars

We know parents always have questions with regards to functionality and safety of Kids Electric cars before purchasing. And we always assure parents that they are perfectly safe as long as you choose the right type of electric car suited to your child age and abilities. Just like buying clothes online, you have to be honest and realistic with your purchase or you wont be satisfied. 

Here are 5 factors to consider before you make your purchase. 

1. Safety Features

All ride on cars pose some risk of colliding with obstacles but you can reduce these risks by checking essential safety features before buying. Simple ride on toys often lack brakes, but move slowly enough so that kids can stop on their own before any trouble occurs.

Most quality ride on cars, such as those supplied by SA Scooter Shop, have a remote control option. With this safety feature, a parent or adult can control the motorised ride on car from a distance.

In motorised ride on cars, the battery box should be positioned in such a way that children can’t access it even if they try. Seat belts are also a recommended safety feature for all superior cars. Note: No matter what safety features a ride on car has, kids should always wear protective gear, especially when driving the ride on cars outside.

2. Self-Propelled Ride On Cars Recommended For Younger Kids

Ride on toys may be powered by a child’s feet, or by being pushing, or by a battery-powered motor. Self-propelled toys should be stable especially for young kids. Baby racers are foot-to-floor type of push cars for one to two year olds. These racers are steady and will not tip or wobble.

3. Best Voltage For Battery Powered Ride On Cars

Power is a crucial feature to establish before investing in a kids’ ride on car. Most cheap battery powered ride on cars are powered only by a single 6-volt motor and should be avoided. These cars have limited lasting power and poor traction.

The 12-volt power twin motor system is the best option when choosing a kids‘ ride on car. SA Scooter Shop offers all its cars in 12-volt, two-motor format which allows the car to be driven by both back wheels.

Remote controlled ride on cars are available as an option, so that Mom and Dad can control the car for the little ones who cannot yet steer it themselves.

4. Choose Age-Appropriate Toys

Different types of ride-on cars are designed for different ages. Choosing the right car depends not only on a child’s age, but also on his or her skills when it comes to balance and coordination.

  • Best Ride On Cars For 1-2 Year Old Kids

    These foot-powered toys with steering wheels are ideal for kids to zoom around without parental assistance. They can push themselves around on toys that simply require the use of their feet for power. Baby racers allow the child to straddle the car and steer to wherever they want to ride to.

  • Best Ride On Cars For 2-3 year Old Kids

    Battery-powered vehicles such as miniature cars, trucks, planes, and more may be driven and steered by young children. Toddlers who can steer will still need to be supervised to avoid collisions. Remote control is the ideal safe measure for parents to take control.

  • Best Ride On Cars For 5+ year Old Kids

    The larger two-seater ride on cars provide fabulous fun for 5 to 6 year olds but make sure you buy SA Scooter Shop’s 12-volt twin motors. These two-seater cars do not have a remote control option, but older kiddies will be able to safely control them without parental control. Pick large wheeled cars if your child needs to ride on grassy terrain, but remember such terrains will take some time off the battery’s lasting power.

5. Make Sure Spare Parts Are Accessible

Make sure that your supplier keeps spare parts. SA Scooter Shop has branches in Benoni, Cape Town and Durban where you will be able to get all spares needed. Batteries, chargers, and remote control units for kids rode on electric cars can easily be purchased from any of our stores or online. 

 Give You Child The Gift Of Pretend Play 

All ride-on toys offer the opportunity for pretend play. Imagining that a ride on car toy is a real animal or vehicle gets kids thinking creatively. Creative thinking skills come in handy later in life when children start school and continue to play a big part in decision making and problem solving throughout their lives.

Whether motorised and battery powered or manual, ride-on cars are a lot of fun for kids. Any child can begin playing with ride-on toys at a young age and move on to bigger, more complex toys as he or she grows. Browse or range of Electric Ride On Cars and find the perfect fit for your little one. 




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