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escooter safety for kids & teens

If you have bought or are planning to buy your child or teenager an electric scooter, naturally, you'll be a bit concerned about safety. As a parent, your main goal is to ensure your kid's safety, and the last thing you would want to do is put their lives in danger.

The good news is it's easy to stay safe and have fun on your electric scooter if you follow the rules.

Top 5 questions on Electric Scooter safety

We are here to debunk myths and put your concerns to rest. E-scooters are safe as long as you take the necessary precautions. 

1. Can children ride Electric Scooters?

Before going out and buying one, you might ask, “Can a child ride an electric scooter?”

The answer, in short is, yes.

The electric scooter technology available today is safer than ever. As the parent, you will have to make sure that the scooter itself is age-appropriate for your child. Children as young as two usually start riding a kick scooter. This allows them to develop skills such as steering and balancing and learning about kick scooter safety. Once they are ready to progress, an electric scooter would be the ideal option.

2. What is the appropriate age to operate an E-Scooter?

You might also ask, “At what age can you start riding a kid's electric scooter?”

The recommended minimum rider age for electric scooters is 8 years and up. You should, however, also take into consideration your child's physical size, maturity, and skill level.

3. What safety gear is recommended for E-Scooter Riding?

Helmets are essential, we cannot stress this enough. Research shows that older children are less likely to wear a helmet. You should therefore make a point of highlighting the importance of wearing a helmet to prevent injury.

If your child is starting out, we also recommend making use of wrist guards, as well as knee and elbow pads. 

4. What is the correct way to fit a helmet?

To fit your child’s bike helmet:

  1. Pull the helmet down over your child’s forehead, securing the helmet flat on their head.
  2. Secure and adjust the foam pads inside the helmet to fit your child’s head securely.
  3. Clip the strap at all times.
  4. Place the Y-strap to meet just below his or her ear.
  5. Secure the chin strap snug against your child’s chin.

5. What are the best type of clothing to wear when riding Electric Scooters? 

The type doesn't matter so much, but we recommend clothing that provides increased visibility. Make sure your child is dressed in brightly coloured clothes to ensure that they can be seen at all times. Always wear shoes.

3 Essential precautionary & safety measures for riding E-Scooters

There is no doubt that you want your child or teen to get the most fun out of their e scooter. With that in mind, here are some precautionary and safety measures to take before they hit the road.

1. Always perform a scooter check before you ride

Before each ride out, do a safety check on the following:

  1. Tyres - Ensure that there is no visible damage or wear and they have sufficient tread depth and air.
  2. Brakes - Check that they are working properly
  3. Battery - Make sure that there is enough battery for their whole journey.
  4. Throttle - The electric scooter should have a smooth throttle with no sticking. Test this out in a safe space.
  5. Damage - Scan the electric scooter and check for no damage or cracks in the frame or cabling.

2. Always Be ALERT

As tempting as it is to relax and enjoy the view, remind them to keep an eye out for children, dogs, potholes, etc. If they use the scooter for commuting, make sure they are aware of cars and other vehicles passing by. 

3. Single Riders Only

Scooters are meant for 1 rider at a time. Children, especially teens, like to show off their electric scooters. But they’re not built for two people, which means no piggyback rides.

Be safe and have fun

As long as you follow these guidelines, be assured that electric scooters are safe for children and teens alike. Always encourage them to make good judgment calls when out and about on their scooter, and you'll have nothing to worry about.

We'd love to hear from you! If you have anything to add to the post or would like to tell us how much fin you having on your scooter, simply comment below.  

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