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Reasons To Get A Ride On Kids Car

Kids of any age are fascinated by cars, now more than ever, especially ride on electric cars! But what is this fascination all about?

Kids essentially want to be like grown-ups, and grown-ups have cars, right? But beyond that, these ride on electric cars represent a degree of independence. They let the little ones keep up with the bigger kids, and evens the playing field when everybody else is on wheels.

What is a Ride on car?

A ride on car is essentially a battery-powered ride-on toy that comes with a lot of the same features as a real car. From real-life sound effects to LED light bars, seat belts, and a safe brake system. They also come with a remote control so you can be sure your little driver is staying safe.

Kids Electric Cars Are The Perfect Gift

Picture this. You are 4 years old, it’s your birthday. You wake up to find a dazzling white Mercedes-AMG Coupe out in front of your house, beautifully wrapped with a massive red bow. The licence plate, on careful inspection, reads your name… the car is yours!

The thing is you’re only 4 years old and you never get to drive mom or dads car. But this one is all yours, and you are allowed to drive it whenever you want!
If your kid is nuts about cars, and you can afford it, why not splash out on a Kids Electric Car and give them the gift of hours of fun! While you get the gift of not having to entertain them for sid hours lol!)

Still not convinced, read on and you’ll soon have no more doubts.

10 Ways Ride On Electric Cars Can Benefit Your Kid

1. It looks super stylish

Whether in your backyard or taking a joy ride down the street, a ride on electric car will have your kid riding in style. For busy kids on the go, this the ultimate mode of transport which offers so much more than what a pram or stroller could. The features on the car are realistic and the look is sleek. Your kid will definitely be the envy of everyone.

2. Develops motor skills

Learning how to drive a small vehicle is a fun way to enhance your child’s motor skills. The hand to eye coordination needed to steer the car helps develop their reflexes. Driving a ride on car also helps them understand the concept of space which builds their spatial intelligence.

3. Sparks creativity

Whether they are winning an F1 race, escaping the monster daddy, or just popping out to go to McD’s drive-through, there is no limit to children's imagination, and a ride on car will give them the freedom to be whatever they want. It allows their imagination to run freely because their car is so close to the real thing.

4. Teaches them to be alert & observant

Children also learn valuable observation skills while riding their electric car. Whether they are dodging potholes, negotiating rough off-road terrain or finding their way around the neighbourhood they are learning and developing essential safety skills along the way.

5. A dose of responsibility

A ride on an electric car is ideal if you want to instil a sense of responsibility in your child. Because the car is theirs, they will need to care for it. That means parking it in a designated area after playing with it. They can wash their “car” while you are washing the family car. Little things like this, help them to become mindful of taking care of the things that they own.

6. Encourages independence

Though kids should always be supervised while using their ride-on cars, the type of play that it encourages is largely independent. Kids learn to move under their own power, as they can control how fast or slow they want to go. Riding around the backyard, or the neighbourhood gives them a chance to take in the surroundings on their own.

7. Motivates them to spend more time outdoors

Television, computers, video games, and tablet devices are increasingly replacing outdoor play for kids. However, a ride on car will definitely get them out more often, you might even have to call them back in after a day of zooming around.

8. Keep them busy for hours

If your child has a ride on electric car you can be rest assured that their imagination will take over. The result of course is hours of fun and amusement that will keep them busy.

9. They make amazing gifts

Ride on electric kids cars makes an excellent present for any special occasion. It’s just one of those things that you can’t go wrong with. Nothing beats giving them the exhilarating experience of driving, not to mention it’s a gift they’ll cherish and it’ll get used for years to come.

10. It's loads of fun

Kids love the sense of freedom and adventure that comes from getting behind the wheel. Ride on electric cars are a source of fun and excitement for them, and what can be more fun than zipping around in your very own ride.

Get Ready For The Ride Of Your Kid's Life!

For kids, having their very own ride on electric car emboldens them, you could say, it's almost a right of passage these days.

So, if you’re ready to be the world’s best mom, dad, grandparent, aunt or uncle, have a look at the kids ride on electric cars we have available today!

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