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explore nature with your mobile scooter


Just because you have trouble walking does not mean you cannot immerse yourself in nature and benefit from its many forms of therapy. There are plenty of walking aid options to assist you with soaking up the most breathtaking surroundings on offer. You could choose from walking sticks, walking frames, Rollators or even a wheelchair. But none of these options is as fun or as satisfying as using an electric wheelchair or mobility scooters.

Read on as we take a look at the health benefits of connecting with nature and how electric mobility vehicles can help you get the most from these experiences.

The Health Benefits Of Connecting With Nature For The Disabled

The health benefits of visiting a public park and its contact with nature have been well documented. For those with walking disabilities, driving their mobility scooters through such relaxing and restorative green spaces can be highly therapeutic.

A leisurely, quiet mobility scooter drive through nature restores health and happiness as much as running or hiking through a park to stay fit. From the seat of a mobility scooter, every stop brings the serenity joggers will just run past. Parking off under a tree gives time to take the camera from the scooter's basket to focus on weavers collecting grasses for nests, watch butterflies fly past, and to - more than just metaphorically - stop and smell the roses.

Living with the anguish of Covid-19, stressed people could not wait to get back to nature as lockdowns were eased. Mobility scooter owners could then take their vehicles along the paved footpaths in public parks on drives so silent they could hear the birds sing. For those that crave peace, parks are better than pills.

"There is no salve quite like nature for an anxious mind," Richard Deverell, the director of Kew Botanical Gardens in London, wrote when he reluctantly had to close the world-renowned gardens when the pandemic was at its worst in London. Research at the University of Queensland in Australia concluded: "If everyone were to make time for nature, the savings on health care costs could be incredible". Even politicians are beginning to use nature for votes. The UK's Green Party suggests that no new housing development be allowed more than a kilometre from a public park.

4 Reasons Why Mobility Scooters Are Most Suited For Nature Adventures Than Manual Walking Aids

1. Avoid Exhaustion:

Manual walking aids require reasonably require a lot of effort from users, and even if you can stand the pace of taking a leisurely stroll, depending on your condition, you may feel more exhausted at the end of the day.

2. Flexible With Options:

Using an Electric mobility Vehicle does not mean you won't get to exercise your limbs at all. If you need to get in some exercise, park off the scooter under a tree and take a closer look at what your surrounding have to offer. When you are tired, hop back on your scooter and continue exploring.

3. Enjoy Some Alone Time:

If you are not fully mobile, chances are there are always people faffing about around you. Rarely do you actually get some alone time, especially to just be by yourself and your thought in a tranquil environment. Choosing an electric mobility vehicle allows you this privilege. Take charge of your own adventure at your own pace.

4. Go The Distance:

With worries of exhaustion being a thing of the past, you can now go the distance on your nature adventure. Now you can take the scenic ride and enjoy the entire route. Whether you have chosen a sunset ride on the beach promenade or a mid-day meander through the local botanical gardens, whichever footpath you have chosen, you can now experience it all. Savour that majestic sunset in the best spot and smell the sweet scents from all four corners of the garden. Enjoy the sun for longer and indulge in these activities that nourish the soul as frequently as you desire.

Let Us Help You Feed Your Soul

Investing in a mobility scooter has more benefits than just assisting you physically. Those wheels also reconnect us to an excellent free factor: natural outdoor healing for the times we live in.

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